Who we are

At Netpolitan, we continuously strive to deliver unconventional approach for our client’s learning experience, because the most important ingredient in "e-learning" is the "learning". With the partnership of technologies & engaging visuals, we cut through the information noise & help to illustrate your knowledge to create a lasting impression.


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Why Netpolitan?

Advanced Graphics

Advanced Graphics

We provide our clients with a range of high quality graphics, UI, icons, & characters; with an intimate view to the latest trends combined with good taste of design.
Focus on Learner

Focus on Learner's Experience
At the end of the day, what matters is that the learners learnt something. Forms must follow functions.
Multi Disciplinary Approach

Multi Diciplinary Approach
Combining pedagogy, psychology, marketing, visual strategy & what’s trending to create the best learning experience.
Bandwidth-friendly Approach

Bandwidth-friendly Approach
Whether you only have 32 kbps to spare or unlimited one, we will always have a tailor-made solution for you.
Mobile Learning Ready

Mobile Learning Ready
Courses accessible 24/7 at your fingertips through online learning system or your mobile devices.

What we do

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Understand better the underlying principles of the convergence of technology with learning principles, and how it can support your organisation performance.

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Content Development
Customised information creation for courses, socialisation & product knowledge.
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Understand & learn better about e-learning; from planning, execution to assessment.

What we produce

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Popular professional skills, soft skills and financial courses ready to implement in no time with personal touch to suit your company.

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Learning Management System

Thin learning management application with thick features. Built to combine Indonesian and global learning best practices.

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Custom Content

Made especially for your company’s learning need, to engage specific types of learners & culture.

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Visual Aids

Big picture posters & other visually engaging materials to create mind map for your learning experience, and on-the-job aids.

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Training Tools

Visual training tools that could ensure better learning will enhance your organisation learning and employee performance.

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